Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

All together now

Luke and Meriel returned from Lisbon very late last night - their flight was delayed by nearly 2 hours. Thomas had gone to fetch them from the airport so it was a late night for all of them. Adam came back from Cambridge, he arrived home at about 2.30am instead of the expected 10pm - he works on a different time schedule to most people! So this morning I could not resist taking a photo of all of them, but they were laughing so much that in every photo someone had their eyes closed.

I had a run this morning and then went to the hairdresser before coming home to finish packing. I do faff a lot when packing, putting things in the suitcase and taking them out again. I must now chivy up the boys with their packing. 

We are looking forward to our friend's party tonight, and as it is a joint 50th, 21st and 18th Thomas is coming with us as it is his friend who is celebrating his 18th. Thomas has been asked to do a speech which he says he has prepared, we will see!

We leave for the airport tomorrow morning, a 12.5 hour direct flight to Lima. It will be a long day and I doubt I will have a chance to catch up with blip whilst on this trip, I hope to get a few moments to do so. I hope we have wifi everywhere that we are going so that I can upload every day.

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