Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Fill the Frame

This is a photo approach I don't often use, but one I actually really like.  There is something appealing to me about having the frame full of just one thing, one color.  I snapped this early this morning in the garden, when everything was still covered in droplets from the heavy rains last night.  The flower - a gladiola.  The gear - my 105 macro lens with an extension tube.  The adjustments - slight vignette.  Had I waited a half hour longer I would have been contending with bright sunshine which would have made this shot pretty much impossible without massive edits.

Hubs and I are off on our second RV adventure this weekend, this time headed northwest to the edge of the Catskills in NY state.  It is forecast to be blazingly hot so not sure if we'll attempt boating or not.  But relaxation and quiet time is on the agenda.  

I have three more monarch caterpillar's hanging in the J position, getting ready to change into their chrysalis form, plus two more third instars eating in another container.  And, I've netted off several milkweed plants in the garden that have tiny first instar cats munching away.  Not guaranteed to protect them against predators, but will give them a better chance.  

And time to check the wren boxes as I think one of the broods should be hatching about now.

Happy Friday, people.


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