It Takes Two

By laurie54

Street Scene...

in the desert Southwest.

I wasn't going anywhere near the city today and didn't have time to hang out in the middle of town where there really isn't much to see so I thought I would share a look at my favorite "street": one of the trails I walk when the temps aren't in triple digits.  I know it's not what people (or Carolyn...thanks for hosting...) would have expected.  But hey, it sure will be different  :-)

Busy Monday once again with my weekly lab draw, psychotherapy, physical therapy and a stop at the Mountain View Cafe and Bakery for lunch.  Nancy, the owner of the cafe, asked me if she could use one or two of my photos of the place on her new website.  That made me feel good.  One was a shot of her that I blipped on International Women's Day.
An old man went to the Doctor complaining that his wife could barely hear. The Doctor suggested a test to find out the extent of the problem. “Stand far behind her and ask her a question, and then slowly move up and see how far away you are when she first responds.” The old man excited to finally be working on a solution for the problem, runs home and sees his wife preparing supper. ” Honey” the man asks standing around 20 feet away “whats for supper?” After receiving no response he tried it again 15 feet away, and again no response. Then again at 10 feet away and again no response. Finally he was 5 feet away “honey whats for supper?” She replies “For the fourth time it’s lasagna!”

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