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By walkingMarj

In and around Humshaugh - walkers

During the afternoon, we usually see pairs of walkers arriving in the village and looking for their accommodation for the night. We are a regular stop off on Hadrian's Wall Trail.

This pair were doing the central sections - what I call "the best bits" - and finish tomorrow at Corbridge. 

Hot on their heels were a Dutch pair who are walking the whole wall from East to West.

It has been too, too hot today. Mum has found it intolerable. Despite a fan and cooling water, the temperature in her lounge was 27 degrees. I moved her into the north facing spare bedroom which was significantly cooler (but still hot). We are glad of some breeze this evening.

I had a short night's sleep last night, despite being very tired. We had a tremendous thunderstorm that went on for hours and hours. Oscar wailed and wailed. I nearly joined him!!

Thank you all for your stars, hearts, but mainly for your lovely comments yesterday. As you know, I just love being part of this online community and hope to be here in another 9 years too.

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