A late photo

...which meant it was too dark really to take a decent picture. I’d been digging out more ground elder, sweating and swearing and after an hour looked like I’d got nowhere. It is such hard work to clear even the tiniest bit. There is also loads of bramble and wild plum tree suckers. Both I can’t dig out, so will have to accept that I will have to cut them back each year. That is if I ever get on top of this jungle. So when I’d had enough, I decided it was time to plant a few of the sorry for themselves looking plants, that have been in pots for so long. Most were removed from this area before the pond went in. I think they are all low growing things - tbh I don’t know what most of them are!! Just keeping my fingers crossed that most of the ground elder has gone from this patch for a little while!

I don’t know about you, but currently I’m searching for somewhere cooler to sleep tonight. I might try the conservatory, and move upstairs in the night when it’s cooler up there. Our office hasn’t been too bad, but after lunch I have found myself flagging, so for me I’m starting as early as I can drag myself in. Tomorrow is my late night though, so I will be there until 5.30. Then it’s Friday...I know...I mustn’t wish my life away.

Stopping now, to have a cool shower and work out where I’m going to sleep!

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