Lucky me

Today I’ve felt pretty sluggish all day. Just not right, but apart from a dull headache I can’t put my finger on exactly what feels wrong. I think a combination of heat and tiredness, like 90% of the country.

I went for a short wander at lunchtime with Carol. We went in Poundland where I bought some flip flops to take camping. For £1 I don’t mind if they only last for the week.

Very pleased to get out at 4pm and home just after 5. Mum and dad have arrived for the weekend, so I took my cup of tea and spent and hour, along with my 3 offspring catching up with them. Mum delivered to me this beautiful bag which I have been really excited about. It has lots of pockets. I do love a bag with pockets, plus handles on top AND rucksack straps! Long story, but a bargain and I now have it for my holiday to France. So thanks to mainly Gemma, but also Jenny, Martin and mum for organising and getting it to me, from the shop in Bishops Stortford to me in North Norfolk, via Hoddesdon and a few different car trips. Who needs parcel force!

Then when I got back in after our chat, Jon had bought me two presents too. A bottle to keep on my desk, to make sure I drink enough, and a DAB radio which takes batteries that I can take down to the allotment. And it’s pink! Happy me.

At 9 Mollie persuaded me to go for our week 7 day 3 run. That is our third 25 minute run in 7 days. We did it, and it is getting ‘easier’ if I dare to say that. Strangely, Mollie’s Fitbit says we ran 3.9k and my Huawei Fitbit says we ran 2.85k !!! I wonder which one is right, and how we could check it.

A bit of tv, while we enjoy a breeze and some welcome rain, then I’m off to bed!

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