Everyday Life

By Julez

Those Were The Days!

Well the work is finally underway! Most of the old plaster is off the walls now, so Brian's little bit of football history will also be gone soon! He's not even a United fan - but I am! Hope this will be a good omen for this season! This was from the first time we decorated the Den shortly after we bought the house. It was done again in 2005! 

I don't really know what I was expecting, but everything in the back room and the kitchen were covered in thick dust after he finished, and I had to wash EVERYTHING in the kitchen so I could use the place! I've not bothered too much with the rest of it in the front room, as there's still more plaster to come off and it will be as bad again tomorrow.

Dale (Workman) called it a day at midday today, as he said that by the time he'd had some lunch and fetched the materials he needed there wouldn't be time to get the next task completed. 

He's a nice bloke - not a typical workman, and that's no bad thing!

Since I've been stuck indoors most of the day I have caught up on emails, found out how to get my lost loyalty cards replaced and made a delicious banana and walnut tray-bake (once I'd made the kitchen inhabitable!) 

Just found out he's not going to be here tomorrow, so I'll be over at the Folks as normal!

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