By Teasel

Ghost Sign

Back to work today, but first we had to drop BB off at a friend’s house.  When we got there his friend was still in bed and asleep.  His five year old sister had BB all to herself and apparently they played together quite happily until the teenager surfaced!  By all accounts they have had a great day, and it sounds like BB has eaten his way through the day.

I, on the other hand, have had a busy day.  Not only did I have the past fortnight’s emails to get through, I also had yesterday’s.  Yesterday’s are now dealt with, but I am beginning to dread having to go back to the others. Hopefully most can be deleted.  The organisation of our divisional Christmas lunch is in full swing (I cannot believe it and do not want to even speak about it).  It is the most thankless task and there is always someone, or a group of people who feel hard done by.  That certainly became apparent today, when an email was sent to the organiser, copied to uncle Tom Cobbley and all, voicing unhappiness about the direction that the plans are taking (no decision has been made yet, apart from the date!).  I was shocked, speechless and very disappointed.  Goodness knows where this will end up – but a words certainly need to be had.

As BB was sleeping over at his friend’s house, TT and I took the opportunity to  go for a quick bite to eat before getting the train home – we headed for a wee Italian, and very nice it was too.

Spotted this ghost sign at lunchtime, but unfortunately I can’t read it, apart from one word which I think is Grants.

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