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By walkingMarj

The best laid schemes......!

We had our festival committee meeting this afternoon. We had a few challenges to face and to decide how to tackle. Why can’t things just run smoothly?

After all our deliberations Chris, Gwen and I went to Hexham to pick up the brochures. We are running late because the brochures are ready after booking opens. At 4.45 the printer was closed for the day. Another plan for distribution had to be hatched.

I decided to drive home via Haydon Bridge. I’ve been searching for my walking backpack for two weeks and thought I must have left it in the pub. The main road in the village is closed, so I had to park and walk to a different bridge to cross the South Tyne and reach the pub.

It was closed, but they responded to my knocking. No sign of the backpack....

I did find several happy wellies, planted up in the village.

When I arrived home I found the backpack in the far corner of the study, but in plain sight. Sigh!

Now is time to regroup, stay calm, eat 3 chocolate biscuits and drink a glass of wine!

Oscar let me stroke him even more today and he did not run away at all.

PS this iPhone image would not go as an email attachment so I had to develop it in Snapseed.

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