Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Usual trip to Morrisons this morning.  Then it was a day indoors catching up with chores .... washing up, washing, ironing and some admin.  Had a bad headache all day and I could have done with going back to bed but I had too much to do,.

Weather was wet first thing but dry for the rest of the day.  Very dull and cloudy though. 

The Wide Wednesday theme is " An Interesting Tree ".  No interesting trees to be found in Morrisons car park so here you have the holly tree at the bottom of my garden.  Couldn't get a decent shot of it whilst standing in my garden as the light was poor and all I got was a silhouette so I went out into the back lane and walked along the path to get a better view.

I do love my holly tree.  Its a very old one ( according to my gardener Tom ) He assumes it was here in the days when the land was used for farming before my housing estate was built in 1953.  The land was owned by the Carr - Ellison Family and the Carr - Ellison Estate  still own the allotments at the back of my house. The lane between my house and the allotments seems to belong to nobody.  The Council don't maintain it, the allotment holders aren't interested in keeping it clear so as you can see it gets very overgrown especially this Summer with all the rain/sun/rain we have had. I keep the bit outside my own back gate clear but its too big a job for me to do anything more.

In 2013 Tom gave my holly tree a drastic prune as it had grown really tall and bushy. You can see him at work in my blip HERE . Since then it has grown back to its former size - except it doesn't get any red berries any more.  It used to be absolutely full of berries.  So that's my interesting tree - thanks to BobsBlips for hosting

Musical link - King Of TREEs By Cat Steven ( any excuse to listen to Cat Stevens ).

Steps today - 8,006

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