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Falstone Border Shepherds' Show

I love going to country shows, especially the smaller ones. Falstone is one of these. It's attended by lots of local families (and their dogs). The sheep are the main feature: both in the judging of their attributes and in the sheep dog trials that run all day. 

I have put one of the sheep dog ones in my extras. I had to work hard to capture man, dog and sheep together. You can see the sheep who are going to be on stage next at the far end of the field.

Here is Rev. Dr. Susan Ramsaran, the rector of the churches in this area. For her lunch she had purchased a rather special burger from Kielder Organic Meats. Very appropriate, since we were near to Kielder Water.

There were all sorts of activities on the fields. I found the dog show difficult to photograph, especially since the sun was high and bright. My second extra is one of a family who had brought ferrets to the show for ferret racing. If your ferret won, you received your stake back intact, but if it lost........! All money went to a ferret charity.

After the children's races (running, egg and spoon, sack  and wheelbarrow) I retreated home to escape the heat.

It's Bellingham Show next Saturday.

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