Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

Pulling a silly face for Silly Saturday

Newcastle were playing at home today - against Watford.  I had bought tickets for my brother and his son in law Kyle to go - Kyle lived in Newcastle before he and his wife Sharon moved to Australia but he had never been to a Newcastle game.  So he was determined to go while he is visiting the UK.  Last chance today as they fly back to Australia tomorrow.

So my sister in law picked me up at 1pm and dropped John, Kyle and me off outside The Newcastle Arms which is near St James Park.  It was packed as usual and the music was loud.  But we managed to lip read and have a conversation of sorts.

Before we made our way to the ground I took my blip shot.  My brother knows about blip - and the daily challenges.  So when he found out it was " Silly Saturday " he decided to pull a silly face.  It wasn't until I uploaded the photo that I saw some of the fans in the pub window behind were making " silly " hand gestures.  Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

Musical link FUNNY FACE by Tammy Wynette

I have added a collage in my Extras of Kyle and John and me and John in front of the pub and Kyle and John with St James Park in the background.

We went our separate ways when we reached the ground - I'm in the East Stand and Kyle and John were in The Sports Bar ( John likes the Sports Bar). I managed to spot them and took a few shots.  See the collage in my Extras. I love the last shot where John has spotted me. 

Newcastle got off to a bad start.  They were one nil down after a minute.  What a shock.  However they did equalise and the match ended in a 1 - 1 draw.  So not a total disaster.

The weather this afternoon was hot and sunny.  I had taken a brolly with me - I really should have taken a pair of sunglasses.  Silly me.

After the match I did a bit of shopping in town.

Tummy still not right.  But slightly better today.

Today I'm posting my 3,000th blip. Difficult to believe I have reached such a milestone. I do love being a blipper. Being part of this community has changed my life immensely.  Its given me so much joy.  The main thing is the feeling that fellow blippers are real friends. And meeting blip friends in person has been wonderful.  I have attended many local blipmeets and enjoyed every minute. I have even travelled abroad to stay with an American blip friend - amazing to think that we would never have met without blipfoto.  I really appreciate all the lovely comments on my blip shots - thank you .  And thanks to Blip Central for keeping the whole thing going.

Steps today - 7,642

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