An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Dawn Chorus...

One of the joys of this little cottage is the bird feeders that hang outside the  living room and bedroom windows.  

There's been blue tits, great tits, blackbirds, starlings and sparrows and a couple of others I've not been able to identify.  It's been an absolute pleasure to watch their antics at the feeders and listen to their beautiful song.  This morning when I woke up, the curtains were closed but through the open window I could hear them and one of them was making a noise similar to a siren.  I'm assuming it was a starling.

I ate my toast and drank my tea watching them as they flapped around the feeders.  I can't believe how much food they've gotten through since we arrived!  I took some photos before we left, but it was very rushed as we had to be out of the cottage by 10am and as usual, were running late. 

As it was raining, we decided to head home and go out for lunch when we got here as our final treat of the holiday.

Dumped our luggage at the house and headed to Delivino for lunch.  Delicious as usual, then back home to unpack and catch up with all that had been happening with Alan.

He was full of they joys and has had a good weekend too.  Don't think he noticed we weren't here!  lol   And he was about to go for a swim so was in a very good mood indeed.

Texted R to let him know we were home and he brought our own golden girl back.  As ever, she's had a ball with him and his wife and boys and their two dogs but gave us a very warm welcome.  

Couldn't stop kissing and cuddling her and of course she was very happy to see D and sat, as she does, looking at me with that expression of triumph that says He's Mine Now :-)))  (extra :-)

We've had a relaxing evening as a final treat, as the rest of the week and coming weekend is busy.

The to-do list is getting longer by the minute! 

If you want to catch up, backblips start here   :-)

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