Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Car wash

We arrived on schedule to a warm, sunny day. It was 38degC by the time we got home at 8 am. Oh well. It will start to get cooler over the next few weeks.

Our cleaner, Nara, met us at the taxi to help bring the suitcases up. He has looked after the place really well and it is great to be home. I didn't sleep much at all, so had a few hours catching up. G decided not to go into school so we both unpacked. I ordered biryani for lunch; well, lunch as in the meal, but it was around 4:30 that we ate. It's fantastic to be in a place where you can do things like that! We both enjoyed eating a meal full of flavour!

Then, when it got cooler - after 6 pm, we ventured out to see how the car is doing. Pauline was looking after it, but she went on holiday in the third week of August, so it hasn't been moved since then. G had to fetch her key first though. The car started immediately but didn't drive very smoothly, so after a few rounds in the car park, we drove to the local garage to have the tyres and levels checked.

Everything was fine, except for the battery. We've been told it needs to be changed, so we then drove to a local business who did that for us. I love that about Karama! Everything is on our doorstep. New battery installed, we then drove to the car wash (which is where my blip is from). It's great to do this once every few months.

I wanted to give the car a bit of a run so did a small circuit route which involved driving close to City Walk. I was surprised to find loads of traffic in the area. It was clear something was happening in the Coca Cola Arena. We later learnt that Tony Robbins was in town and that's what was happening there!

A good first day back with a few things done, but boy is it hot here. September is usually very humid with high temperatures but nothing as bad as July and August.

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