Still Rockin'

By RockArea

The Ness

"What're you doing today," said Lady Marian. "Nothing," I said. "But you did that yesterday." "Yes, but I haven't finished."

"Let's do some housework." Now, I don't mind doing my bit, I'll run the hoover round twice a year whether it needs it or not, but we only did housework a fortnight ago. Oh well, it's a wet day. After we did that and had lunch, I went out to Shaldon. It had dried out and was looking quite fresh after the rain. I took a panorama of Back Beach, The Point and the pier. That's in as an extra. Then turned my camera round and liked the light on the Ness. It get's a lot of shade once the sun comes over and being such dark rock and foliage it can look quite dull in the afternoon. I liked the bit of hardware on the beach as well as the lookout point built above Marine Parade. It all provides plenty to look at and of course there's the Lucette Beacon offshore to balance that side of the composition.

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