By pensionspoet

Productive day

What else would you expect!? However I had a very bad nights sleep, and was awake from 4 to 6. Full of hay fever, I took an antihistamine but I’m sure I had taken one yesterday, as I seem to be allergic to something late flowering. I sat and looked at my iPad under the covers, so as to not wake Jon. Anyway, I did get back to sleep, then woke at 8 and got up at 9.

Mostly I’ve done bits of gardening today. I started by weeding the patio slabs, but struggled with some stubborn teasles. Then I started on the corner in front of my greenhouse. Lots more to do here, as I filled several buckets with all that honeysuckle and bindweed. I cut down the old lily stumps which were riddled with bindweed. I can’t get to the roots as they go under my hostas, but for now it’s a start.

I don’t know where the time went, cooked a roast dinner which we ate in the garden in glorious sunshine at about 2pm. Then a bit more pruning on the other side of the garden, after which we ran out of time and energy! (And space in our buckets)

We went for a walk to pick a few blackberries and when we got back Henry was just finishing off cleaning the conservatory. Another job that was on my list, so I am grateful to him for his help. He also fixed the canoe to the wall with Jon. We now have a bit of space freed up to start planning for a replacement shed.

Jon cooked boiled eggs for tea and we are now watching Antiques Roadshow...and I can just hear the rain on the conservatory roof. We have been very lucky with the weekend weather. Perhaps our last of the summer? Hopefully a dry evening still during the week for us to do some burning!

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