Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


These bikes belong to the laundry and are often parked up like this. I have seen duvets, blankets and other large pieces of cloth draped over them to dry. Their main function, of course, is to deliver the ironing/dry cleaning.

G stayed home today to give herself time to recover quicker from her cold. I think she is struggling with it! I can't remember the last time she had a day off sick.

A man from the telco came to look at the set-top box which has been malfunctioning for a while. It's had two remote resets but still keeps hanging. Some more tests were done and eventually, a new box was installed. I am pleased it is a 4K box; not that we have a 4K TV, but in the unlikely event we upgrade, at least the feed for the channels will be in place!

We ventured out in the cool of the evening. I say cool, but it's all relative. This month is still seeing very warm temperatures with high humidity. It's not nice!

The first stop was the pharmacy. I'd got G's Tamoxifen tablets yesterday, but it turns out the strength was wrong. Fortunately, they took the unopened box back and will organise the correct ones tomorrow.

Next stop was the Volvo garage. I have been asked by building security to display the sticker given to qualifying residents on the car I park downstairs. This sticker was on the Volvo, so I had to retrieve it. Whilst there, I met Suresh, the only mechanic left there who works on my car. He came out to see me. He has a solution to repair the three wires in the fuse box that were damaged in the last incident and says I might have my car back before the weekend. Amazing!

Had a quick whizz around IKEA and Carrefour before getting home. G was flagging!! The news from the UK continues to fascinate. It was so interesting to watch the Supreme Court decision Live. The TV box had just been fixed!

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