An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Golden Girl...


Lola had an absolutely brilliant time at Evelyn's playing with the other dogs and generally having the run of her large farmhouse garden.  She went nuts when David collected her though, jumping so high.  

Although she massively enjoys the company of the other dogs, being only two years old she doesn't have an off switch (not sure Golden Retrievers ever develop an off switch :-) and will play till she drops.  This means she is exhausted so we've had lots of snuggling on the couch and cuddles from her.  As you can see, David is not complaining.  

We brought her back some very special treats of her favourite doggy biscuits.  They are made by Skye Tails and knowing we would be in Skye, I placed a rather large order with them and B, who owns the company and makes the biscuits in her kitchen with her own dogs at her feet, kindly dropped them off at Sharon's for us so we could collect them on our way home.  Fantastic service given it was a rather large order placed with her last minute.

Last little window in the set shows our new Harris Tweed cafetière warmer.  Not sure if it will work but we'll have the best dressed cafetière in Perthshire ;-)))

In other news our car went to the garage in Stirling as it was due a service.  You'd think since we've only had it just over a month that the garage we bought it from would have done it but no *rolls eyes*

The washing machine has continued to work hard for its money today and other than that, I don't think anything worth mentioning happened.  And if something exciting did happen, I've forgotten it.  

1st of October already.  This year has gone in a blink!

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