I hate colds.....
The coughing
     and sneezing 
The sore throat
     and itchy ears
The blocked nose
     and sore eyes.....
The only thing pink today
     is my bed jacket.....
Oh and my nose -
     but I didn’t think you’d
          want to see that.....
So I covered my sore red eyes
     and pink nose for this selfie.....
Thank goodness I haven’t lost
     my sense of humour! 

Please join me during 
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
By clicking HERE
So that those who are not able to pay
Can have a free mammogram. 

"There can be life after breast cancer. 
     The prerequisite is early detection."
Ann Jillian

P.S.  Thank you for all your kind “Get Well” comments for yesterday’s Blip - my sister recommended paracetamol and hot lemon and honey, so am trying that today.  However, I didn't go into the Radio Station as I didn't want to spread  my germs about.  In case you aren't sure what a palindrome is - it means something that reads the same backwards as forwards - i.e. today's date - UK Style - 9/10/19. 

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