The Visit

Finally, yes finally, I may have paid my last visit to the lawyer in his expensive eyrie on high. It seems he may have got his whack for finalising HL’s estate and we can be signed off . About time too, it’s taken 11months. Thank goodness it was not, on the scale of things, very complicated , although obviously complicated enough for the delay.

With that visit over, the sun applauded by coming out in celebration in time for blipper Birgit and Bert from the Netherlands to arrive for a visit. They are staying in Newcastle at the moment and arrived in Edinburgh at lunch time. We had a late lunch in, you guessed it, Söderberg. Sourdough pizzas were eaten, wine was drunk and conversations were wide ranging. There was even a challenge to draw a helicopter, but the least said about that the better.

It was a great afternoon and as they left to catch the train home, I was arranging the beautiful bouquet of flowers they presented me with. I have put it in the extra

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