A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Norland Nannies.

We’ve had a day to ourselves as everyone was at work or at nursery. Zoe headed down Glos. Road to noodle in the shops and we took ourselves off to Bath for a look around as though we did have sun we also had some heavy showers. We nearly didn’t get there as having had to park the car around the corner on Tuesday night we walked down to get it only to find they had put scaffolding up right next to it. Couldn’t open the driver’s door for it, Chris let the handbrake off and pushed it forward till he could get in!
We had coffee in the Bridge cafe on the famous Pulteney Bridge and then walked around the Cathedral and Royal Baths before heading up towards The Circus. Here I got my blip, the famous Bath Nannies trained at Norland College in Bath. Many celebrities and some of the Royals apparently have nannies from here. They were dressed alike with a matching hats, coats, bags and wore white gloves! Couldn’t resist a quick snap as I’ve never seen them before.
Heading back into the centre we came across a Loch Fyne restaurant. Decided to treat ourself to lunch there as we haven’t been to one since the Leeds one closed a few years ago.  I had a lovely warm Winter salad of Puy lentils and roasted root vegetables to start, it was delicious. We had fish too of course.
Returning to Bristol I had a job to do.  Making savoury muffins for Eda. Over a year since I made them last but pleased to say that she happily had one when she got in from Nursery so they must be OK.
I’m on my own tonight. John, his mum, Zoe and Jess (SiL) have gone to see the show.  Chris has gone to sell programmes and will be back soon with a curry.
John popped in briefly before leaving and Eda was watching ‘Room on the Broom’. He had made her a broom a little while ago so he picked her up on it and flew her around the house!
I videoed it and sent it to Grace.
Hope she doesn’t want Granny to do that!
She went to bed a happy little girl.

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