Party Preparation

We slept a bit too long then sat together to get organised for the Party tomorrow. We expected it to be just under 50 people - us included!
We had notes from last time and a proper debrief!
If we had been smart, we would have read it earlier than that morning as we realised that he have been a little bit too relaxed about it and the workload to be done before tomorrow 8 pm was quite HUGE!

We made our shopping list and went out to get to Costco and Lidl to buy all we needed.
We stopped for a quick coffee at Black Pine.
Back home I had to tackle the kitchen to clear it and find all the party stuff, which we have in the press.
That took all some time, while Neil was rearranging the studio and other rooms to be prepared.
it was after 11 pm until we were done and decided to keep all the cooking for the next day instead making an all-nighter and being totally shattered when the guests arrive!

Only picture I have taken was of Costco .....

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