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Town Hall and Half-timbered Guildhall

A dental appointment this afternoon for preparation of the top left back molar and impressions for a crown for it. I did not expect an injection, but soon realised that it would hurt without one! As I have a dental plate I had to have two impressions taken so that the plate will fit okay after the crown is fitted. I will be having a new plate once this dental work has been carried out. The impression that was taken with my dental plate in caused a problem, partly because I have a small mouth and partly because it appeared to get stuck. It was very painful when it was being removed, so much so that it made both eyes water! I go back on the 15 November to have the crown fitted; hopefully it will not hurt as much as it did today.
Dougal and Florence both have new collars. They are not the type I prefer, but they were all I could get and will do for now. Dougal’s disc has now been programmed into his food bowl holder, so all is back to normal.
Today’s picture is of the Town Hall and Half-Timbered Guildhall in the market square. I took it with my iPhone and did not realise until I got home that I had missed off the top of the flag pole. It is difficult to photograph without getting people and parked cars in the picture, which I was more concerned about. I had hoped to see some pumpkins and Halloween decorations, but the town was sadly lacking, which is why I took this picture in Saffron Walden.

The temperature at GMT noon today was ten degrees Celsius; once again very little sunshine, mainly dull and overcast most of the day.

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