We'll Remember it was me and you

This weekend has been lovely. 

Blue Skies, clear air, leaves all falling, all different colours. Sea Flat. Coffee Grand. 

Himself was working yesterday, so i wandered around in a kind of limbo; but I did make him a lovely dinner.   I also repotted my work plant.  It looks lovely. 

Today, was wintertainment in town.  In days gone past we used to take the kids down to witness Santa arriving by RN Helicopter.... sadly RN no longer operate from Prestwick, so no Sailors for Christmas.  It was always really magical.  Santa waving from the side door of the Seaking Helicopter... Sailors lowering him down onto the life boat  and then a parade through town.  It definitely felt like Christmas. 

Nowaday, not so magical.  The town was busy  - there was a little fair ground set up - there were owls for petting in the street, there were stalls.  Most of the shops were open  - and every one which was open was doshing out mulled wine and chocolate, or cake or both.  

We sat in the travel agents. I think they were confused as to why we would come in and not avail ourselves of their "free bar".    Yes, they had bottles of gin and vodka and whisky out plus mixers - cake and sweets too. 

We asked about holiday and then took ourselves down to the Beach Kiosk for coffee -  BEST coffee in town, and a fiver got us change for two large whites. 

We sat and looked at this, and contemplated how nice it would be to have this view and heat. And went back and booked the holiday. 

And then I came home and resisted the urge to run back down to the beech and watch the sunset  - the colours in the sky were amazing. 

A lovely weekend. 

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