Norwich lights...

Well some of them anyway. As I ran to the bus, I paused briefly for these, so that I could blip on the bus. The lights are better in real life.

A tiring day, but probably because I dont sleep very well on a sunday night. I'm never tired enough. I will be tonight.

I might make some Christmas cards tonight, for the chosen few. Everyone else will get a Facebook or Blip 'Merry Christmas'. I suppose there is a chance that someone else in my family might decide to do the cards this year....oh, there goes a flying pig.

A bit headache, but it is just a Monday headache as opposed to one of the other kind. I'm hopeful it will be gone by the time I get home.

P.s. did anyone spot the ghost in my bottom left photo of yesterdays collage, hovering behind Bracken?

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