An ordinary life....

By Damnonii



Another photo from the lakes.  Not quite as picturesque as yesterdays.

On a trip to Ambleside, the wing mirror on the driver's side of the car clipped the wing mirror of a camper van passing the other way on a bit of narrow road.  Keith was in the car with David at the time and apparently was amazed at how well David took the damage.  Not a single swear word apparently.  Spilt milk and all that.  Hopefully won't be too costly to fix.

Meanwhile back at home, Ele arrived mid afternoon and we had a lovely afternoon and evening eating, drinking and being merry....well watching Strictly then episode 2 of the Ant and Dec ancestry programme.  

Ele has a big birthday coming up on Boxing Day and finally got the plan sorted for a family photo shoot.  It's happening on 23rd November and Ele has requested a casual fun shoot.  Phew!  Just as well as I don't do formal! :-))  Come to think of it, I don't really do anything!  This will be my first family group shoot.  

Hmmmm..... I suspect I will be spending a good chunk of next week binge watching You Tube tutorials!!! 

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