Silly Saturday ....

.... Jumping.

After lunch today we went up to the Plainfield Rail Trail for a quick walk. There's something along the trail that I've been wanting to post for silly Saturday but the lighting wasn't right for it today.  

As we were walking R mentioned something that we had seen at Housenick last Sunday that's a bit silly.  So after stopping at Target to pick up a few things for Cheddar we drove to Housenick.

I was all set to post the silly sign at Housenick Park when along came these silly boys.  One of them stepped up on to a cut tree trunk and then jumped off ....  just as the other one hopped on!  Luckily I got both shots .... which I put together here.  I like the pop of their sister's hot pink coat!

I have used a Photoshop action to disguise the identity of the children a bit.  

I guess the silly sign at the park will have to wait until next Saturday!

Cheddar has been with us for a week now and he is acclimating so well.  We couldn't be happier. 

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