Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

New business downstairs


We've got a small battle on our hands and it's all to do with this extra sign that the new restaurant downstairs have put up. A bit of background...

Yesterday morning, G came into my room looking very serious. We hadn't noticed it the night before, but a large new direction sign was put up on Saturday evening. It is bigger than anything on any of the buildings in the block of flats we're in. The annoyance with this one is that it is the height of G's balcony, and more, and will be lit in the evenings. It was installed on Saturday, but not wired up.

G is not only annoyed by the fact that it invades her space, but it also obliterates her view. It's an eyesore. She was dressed and ready to head down to speak to whomever she needed to, to take it down. Later in the evening, when we were returning for our extended lunch, we saw it lit up and the owner of the restaurant supervising the work that's being done.

She had a chat with him and he agreed to move it, but it didn't look to me like he had any intention of changing anything. In the morning, I was glad that I hadn't got on the phone to the landlord's rep right away, but by 10:30 in the night, I wish I'd taken a bit of action. I can't imagine going into a new neighbourhood and starting to annoy my neighbours before I even open my shop. I'm going to leave it there for now.

We finally did a few chores today. First off, it was all the recycling. Three weeks worth!! The car boot was full! Next, it was a trip to IKEA. One of my sheets had a big tear in it after it went through the washing machine. NO IDEA why, but there you go.

We ended up walking through the entire store after AGES! They have a big discount, but there is nothing we need, or so we thought... I found my sheet and matching pillowcase.  We did a quick food shop while we were there, then home for a cup of tea and to get ready for Christmas. We are so late this year!

There are some jobs that always get put aside, but today, I had to tackle the desk if my room. SO many receipts. How can there be so much paper still?! Anyway, I emptied out a plastic bag full of receipts from 2018 and lo and behold, unwrapping one revealed 160 dirhams cash! It was change from one of our trips to the QE2 last year! I'm glad I finally tackled that clearing job then! :)

I also discovered that I bought the wrong type of Guinness when we shopped on Saturday. Argh.

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