A lovely family Christmas Day!

I was awake first, at 7.20. That is very late for me! Everyone was quite close behind me, even Daniel from the bottom of the garden. The present piles were smaller, but everyone was very pleased with their gifts, and Jon and I were totally bowled over with a giant 40” smart tv, our fabulous offspring had clubbed together to buy. We have decided to put it in the lounge in place of our existing one, which will be moved upstairs to our bedroom! That is once we get an aerial socket fitted upstairs.

We went nextdoor to mum and dad for coffee and mince pies at 11, where we exchanged presents. It was lovely.

Cooking of the dinner had begun at 8.30, and at 2pm we all all squeezed around the table to enjoy it. Thanks to Mollie for the photo, and everyone for their help to make it
a really smashing family day.

I’m now in need of sleep. Unfortunately feeling a bit fluey so have dosed up with paracetamol, and lots of orange juice! But not so bad that I can’t, at this late hour, partake in a little cheese and biscuits.

Cheers to all, and love to all my lovely friends and family.

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