There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Winter Sunset: We'll Leave a Light On

Winter gives us some amazing sunsets around here, and I couldn't resist running out to snap a few photos of this one. The sky was lit up with shades of pink and purple and blue, and a single light shone out from the window of the house on the hill above us. I immediately had one thought: We'll leave a light on for you!

The day itself was mild, and my husband washed one of his cars in the drive way. He puts fresh water out for the birds every day. Sometimes in winter, he puts out water that's a little bit warm because the birds really like that. So he did that on this day.

The male cardinal - my husband's favorite bird - took his time at his bath, and you may see a photo in the extras. I like to think of the title of this photo as "cardinal in a hot tub time machine." If you look closely at the red bird's face, you can just tell that the warm bath is bringing back fond memories of sweet summer.  :-)

There are two pictures so here are two songs. This one is for the photo above: Belinda Carlisle, with Leave a Light On. And this one is for the cardinal in the hot tub time machine featured in the extras: Richard Marx, with Endless Summer Nights.

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