By hazelh

Tidy china cabinet

Here's one of the china cabinets that I cleaned and tidied yesterday. Who would have thought that it would give me such pleasure each time that I pass it in our hall!

We're readying ourselves for an invasion of family and friends over the next few days, so this morning I planned our meals for the rest of the week. Then I set off to the supermarket to buy supplies - without the shopping list! Fortunately I have a good memory and I remembered everything apart from soya milk (which I remedied later).

This afternoon I started the cooking marathon by baking four banana loaves and a fish pie. I have a schedule for the rest of the cooking with time slots allocated for tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday all day, and Wednesday morning. In between all this I will be welcoming our guests: Mummy hazelh, Cousin Simon and his wife Louise, my middle sister, my brother-in-law, my nephew Paddy and his girlfriend Caitlin (starting jobs in Edinburgh in the next few days), Brian, Bruce, Elly, Sally, and Richard.

This evening Mr hazelh and I have been invited out to a Greek restaurant for a meal with Jon. I don't think that I have eaten Greek food since I was in Athens in 2002, so I am very much looking forward to my dinner. This is actually a postponed get-together: we had a booking for 7th December prior to Sally's 40th birthday party, but were obliged to cancel due to illness.

Exercise today: 1 hour on the exercise bike; walking (10,358 steps).

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