A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

And again ..

A similar walk to yesterday but back to front, walking down to the bottom of the St Ives Estate woodland and then climbing up Blind Lane to skirt this field and the golf course.
There were no great streaks of colour in the sky today but when we emerged to walk along the top of this field, the one we normally walk back across on our Thursday walk, the sun was just appearing. So a couple of quick snaps. 

With bulbs emerging in the garden, Hellebores coming into bud and the Hamamelis opening it’s yellow curls in this mild weather, I had planned a Flower Friday shot but when I saw this  I decided to go with it as the flowers will be there another day.

My fourth walk this week and maybe it was climbing Blind Lane but I have felt exhausted since getting home so, despite the lovely sunny weather, I have done nothing apart from have a sleep.
I’ve had this bug two weeks now and it doesn’t seem to want to let me go! Need some energy to start putting some of the decorations away this week end. Not all as I always wait for Twelfth Night to take the last ones down.
Have a good weekend everyone, the first of the New Year.

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