Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Number 3

I wanted to get back to my 2020 Yardbirds project today, and the Black capped Chickadees were being utterly adorable and relatively cooperative.  In general, I find this species hard to photograph because the contrast between the black and white on their faces is very hard to get right.  In fact, some of the highlights in this are blown, but I like the image well enough.  The background was nice and clean which is not always easy to achieve.

The funniest moment of the day was when I went out in the yard this afternoon and startled the Gang of Six who were feeding at the edge of the woods.  The next thing I knew, three of the turkeys had taken flight, something they don't often do owing to their considerable size.  Anyway, they all three ended up way up high in the trees, quite a sight.  I'll put one shot in Extra - keep in mind, this big male is a good 50 feet up in the tree.  If you look closely at his lower leg shank, you may be able to see the big barb there - something that can make male turkeys dangerous in a confrontation.  Anyway, I was sorry to scare them, but also glad that they fear humans as that may afford them some protection from hunters.

In other good news for the day, I saw my cardiologist for my six-month check and he's so pleased with my blood work that he's changing my cholesterol medication to the lowest dosage - yay!  Hubs and I celebrated with a trip to Starbucks for tea/coffee.  I love their chai tea, it's my favorite treat. 

I decided to skip the gym today but did my therapy exercises and will hit the gym tomorrow.  I am going to pace myself because I know I have a tendency to overdo (yes, Hubs will read this and roll his eyes and mutter "tendency... you think?").  Anyway, I am committed to doing this the smart way instead of the usual Debbi way.  

Mom and Dad left Oregon headed for Arizona this morning.  They are going to take their time getting there, stopping to do some of their favorite 5 K walks and geo caching along the way.  I expect they will be gone a little over a month.  

And, now, I'm off to soak my foot in a cool Epsom bath.  It's a bit swollen and tender today, not surprisingly.

Thanks, as always for stopping by.  


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