By Teasel

Twelfth Night

First day back at work, and that night before work thing where you don’t sleep very well for fear of sleeping in.  My alarm went off before the crack of dawn and I was in Edinburgh before dawn.  It was a day to break myself in –I think that is how most of us who were in were treating it.  Trying to get our brains back into work mode.  The good thing about this time of year, is that most of the emails in my inbox were junk and could be deleted.  It was good to have some time to catch up with colleagues.

The office was rather chilly, so I went for a wander at lunchtime, only to find it was raining.  So not a very pleasant wander.  Just when I was getting ready to leave, an email appeared reminding us (me) that something had a deadline of tomorrow.  As I am not in the office tomorrow, I ended up staying a bit longer just to get it done – thankfully it was mostly done before Christmas.  It was then home.

BB was at his first football training in over three months.  He survived it with no further injuries apart to his big toe as his boots are too small. He said he was very careful with his arm. 

The last of Edinburgh’s Christmas lights.

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