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Sunday in Bath

I booked myself on a guided tour of the Bath skyline for my main activity of the day. Virtuously, I walked from Larkhall to the Sydney Wharf for the start of the walk, not anticipating the heavy rain that began to fall just after I left the house! I was rather wet by the time I arrived, but I had walked a stretch of the canal beloved by Hyla so it was worth it.

My companions were Jigisha and Pram, who are in my blip. They are very keen walkers and are involved in a South Asian health network which aims to improve people’s health through many different ways.

Pram also organises silent walks where the participants have a topic to think about, but walk silently to allow themselves to be in touch with nature and think. After the walk, they sit down and discuss the topic.

Pram has also completed a very long walk in India in the steps of a Buddhist teacher.

Our guide, Darroch, was very good. He was in the army and his view of history is influenced by that. We learned all sorts of things about the area, while ascending, descending and slithering about in the mud. Arth thought it was too challenging and was grumpy, but we made it.

Pram was determined to help by carrying my back pack. That was so kind and I loved walking free.

We had lunch together at the Holbourne Museum. My mushroom and butter bean soup was delicious.

I walked into town to the Odeon for the 1500 showing of 1917. This film is beautifully shot, if those are the correct words. Very moving too.

The first restaurant I chose for food could offer dessert only because there was a smell of gas in the kitchen. I thought that clearing the place of diners would be safer. I found another and then managed to catch a bus back.

I was asleep before 9 pm, hence this backblip!

PS the views were stunning, but people will always win where my blip is concerned.

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