By flavia13


Had an Energy Workshop Qigong session this morning with C, Gladders and some friends. Very interesting and informative and learned about Fractals amongst other things.  Fractals are to do with never ending patterns and can be seen everywhere, especially in nature (there's much more to it than that but you get the drift).  We also had some gorgeous homemade carrot cake (calorie free of course!!!!) to be had and proper coffee (or various teas if you preferred).

As this was a workshop it was 10 am until 1.00 pm, so a lovely way to spend 3 hours.  

Then came home for lunch.  I was going to stop off to take some photos but I really justed wanted to get  home for lunch.  Then wondered what can I blip, the view across the Bay is very misty so can't see it very well and the tide is very high.  So I saw my lovely Crystal glass Dragonfly in the window so blip sorted.  Hope you like it.  

The weather was nice and sunny this afternoon but, for me, it's too late to go out at 2.00 in the afternoon.  Apparently though it could be raining tomorrow!!!!   Ahh well.  If tomorrow is anywhere near being decent I'm going to go for a drive with the camera, if not, then housework WILL be done.

Hope you are all well, thank you so much for dropping by and your lovely comments, I really look forward to them every day.   Take care, stay safe and see you all tomorrow.

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