Chase Park

Usual trip to Morrisons this morning for the big shop. 

Then I caught up with a few household chores. Then it was time to .......... take Lily to the vets.  It was for her annual check up and booster jab.  Its always a nightmare getting her to the vets.  In previous years I have had to cancel many appointments due to not being able to get her into the cat basket.   So today I had a plan.

First of all the cat basket had to be hidden as if she sees it she will not come near me.

Second - get Lily into the bathroom.  That's no problem as she always follows me in there for tummy tickles and play.

Once she was in the bathroom I closed the door.  She went crazy - as the door isn't usually closed so as soon as I closed it she knew something was up.

Then grab her with a towel and put her inside the shower cubicle. ( this was a new tactic ) Quickly close the sliding doors before she dashes out.

Get the cat basket.  Take into bathroom.  Close bathroom door.

Open shower door and grab Lily quickly with a towel.  Shove ( none too gently ) her into cat basket and quickly zip it up before she gets out ( this wasn't easy as she was going crazy by this point. 

Finally take basket downstairs and fit it to the cat buggy .... and walk to the vets whilst breathing a sigh of relief.  Actually attending Lily's vets appointment at the first attempt.  Result. 

Musical link PROUD by Heather Small

Lily howled and cried all the way to the vets  but as usual she was fine once she was on the vets table. A little angel. Then a noisy journey home and then she slept, ate and slept some more and is as fine as fine can be. Glad that's over until next year ( hopefully ).  I have added an Extra of the little lady herself.

I took my blip shot as we walked through the park which is part of the route to the vets..I have tagged it for Wild Wednesday The theme is  Shapes.  Thanks to the host BobsBlips 

When I got home from the vets I decided to sort through my recipes to find a recipe for a chicken stew/casserole.  However I fell asleep on the sofa and when I woke up there wasn't time for a stew/casserole to cook - so I just had a quick tea of salmon and salad. The chicken can wait until another day.

Steps today - 8,676

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