Barns Ness

A much brighter day than yesterday, and it got even brighter.  I took the risk of hanging my washing out, before heading out for a run.  I managed four and a half miles.  The sun was shining as I was on my return stretch and I could feel the warmth. 

BB had another load of marking to do, but came out with me in the afternoon.  We headed to Dunbar and had a walk along the cliffs, and round by the harbour.  Next stop was the supermarket.  BB was dropped off home not long after we arrived home.  He has had a great time with his chums over the past couple of days.  He came straight in and did his cello practice – he seems to have been transformed while he was away!  He claimed to have no more homework, until he remembered much much later he has a French test tomorrow.

There were good views to barn’s Ness and the Berwickshire Coast and the boats in the harbour(extra) were looking very colourful in the bright light.


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