Morrisons this morning as usual.  After sorting out the shopping and having breakfast I watched the second episode of Deadwater Fell which I had recorded.  Then I had a nap.

This afternoon I had an appointment at the Health Centre for a doppler test.  I need them every 6 months since suffering from leg ulcers in the past. They have a new machine which is automatic and it uses large cuffs which inflate on both arms and both legs to check the pressure.  It takes around 10 mins and you need to lie down flat.  All was fine  -  pressure same as last time. Just need to keep wearing the compression stockings. I already had an appointment for next Tuesday to get blood taken  ready to go back and see my doctor re the itching and the nurse asked if I wanted the blood to be taken today instead as she had time.  I jumped at the chance - save me coming back on Tuesday.  She took 4 containers of blood .... and I didn't even get a cup of tea and a biscuit !

Then I went to catch the bus to Gatehead. I was at the stop in time, the bus appeared --- and drove straight past.  It was packed full of kids from the local comprehensive school.  So a bit of a wait till the next one.

I got off the bus near The Tyne Bridge and walked down to the Quayside so I could get my Wide Wednesday shot.  The Theme today is " Favourite Place " ( thanks to steveng for hosting ).  I have a few favourite places but down on the Newcastle/Gateshead  Quayside was the only one I could get to on this Wednesday afternoon.  I do love going down there.  I love the River Tyne.  I love all the bridges.  I love the buildings - old and new.  It was busy down there this afternoon - and there were lots of people taking photos.  The fading light was lovely as were the reflections.

I chose a photo of The Tyne Bridge for my main blip but it was a difficult choice as I took so many shots.  I have added more in my Extras.

Musical link - Cry Me a RIVER - By Justin Timberlake

After taking my photos I headed up to Newcastle.  I was tempted to get the bus but there wasn't one due so I made the effort to walk.... its all uphill to the centre of town.  Did some shopping in Wilkinsons - stocked up on bird food - and then I was homeward bound.

Steps today - 11,126

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