A New Chapter

By laurie54


I did all sorts of yardwork today. I pulled weeds which were more like grass germinated by Birdseed which sprouted through the  stones. I raked the backyard stones to make them more evenly spread and to cover “bald spots.”  And I finally collected all of the freeze protective covers and trashed them - earning some fine cactus needles in my fingers for my efforts.

I thought after all of that work I would relax on the patio with a cold drink and my camera. Just days ago, everything (camera, lenses) were working just fine. Today my Canon 7D Mark II wouldn’t focus on anything. First thought is always the lens but I tried every lens I had to no avail. I reset the camera to factory defaults. Nothing.

I’m glad my old T3i still works so I can use that, if I have to send my good one to Canon for service. It’s a bummer.  Will call them in the morning.

Since I was unable to get a pic of a birdie today I was lucky enough to catch the sun shining clear across the house onto my crystal apples inside the antique secretary. I loved the sparkle and cast off, especially the shadows from Mom’s little blue glass vase. You might also notice what appears to be a glass bowl in the back. It’s actually a bowl off to the left out of frame casting light, too.

PS Notice how this antique piece of furniture is put together with pegs (and probably glue).

Remember, the final January MM theme is ‘rhymes with slow.’  I will have to look through the RhymeZone app for an idea!

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