A New Chapter

By laurie54


I caught the tow but I wanted to grow, so let go of the status quo. Although the tow was the way go, I wanted to be able to crow. I took it slow then up tempo by changing the ratio flow. I'm no Van Gogh, Thoreau or Poe but to myself I thought, "Whoa! Whoa!"

It's apropos to bestow my thanks to every gun-ho photo pro. From the very get-go you embraced my "mojo" and rhymed every week with gusto!

I stumbled across the tow truck (extra) but I wanted more of a challenge.  I parked my car on a side road and sat on a bench. I couldn't get any car blur with a sharp background.  I've never shot on manual. I thought I'd try. Now it's sharp (better BIG).  It ain't the best but I give myself credit for moving out of my comfort zone. That's how we improve, right?

The Canon 7D Mark II will be sent to Canon for repair.

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