Capital adventures

By marchmont


I was awake before 7, being aware of the countdown and then listening to R4 and following the comments on Twitter. So proud that Scotland was shining a light and lighting up buildings in European colours. I had a long swim to excise the gloom.

Later there was much noise as various condos, including ours, had their Lion Dance to bring prosperity for 2020. Not sure that what's happened in the UK will deliver that. However #1son and #1granddaughter and I spent about an hour watching ours. My ears were ringing by the end.

Then revisiting accounts with #1 son. Those of you who follow me may remember I slaved over his end of year accounts. Today was about trying to remember how and why certain things had been done.

I went to 163 to do some minor shopping while #1 soon went to work and WH stayed at home with the kids. Amelia still seems to be bearing up well.

Tonight WH and I are going to the movies to see the 'Garden of Evening Mists' and later, much later, there will be rugby.

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