Capital adventures

By marchmont

Black and white

Started the day with a really good swim. I was the only person in the pool. WH took the girls to the park with their bikes and #2 son was at work. I did some money stuff, and laundry.

Then to a long lunch at Fat Olive with #2 son and J. We had tapas and a lot of chat. Back home I went for a swim and a sunbathe and a listen to my book, Le Carre.

Once #1 son came home we went across Block C for dinner: leftover pork from last night's Hokkien New Year celebration that we missed. The girls are very wound up but looked quite professional playing the piano. A bit of practice is needed. Chickenpox seems to have given Amelia more energy and Olivia is just hyper.

#1 son is now watching last night's rugby. He was too tired to watch it live. Unfortunately he knows the score.

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