The big tree (Wide Wednesday Results)

A couple of weeks ago we were at Charlecote park just as this old tree was being cut back to reduce the chance of windfall causing problems - which might well prove to be timely given the weather forecast for this weekend!
I thought it looked stark against the bright blue sky.

I appear to be descending into a head cold so commenting might well be curtailed tonight :-(

Wide Wednesday Results.

Favourites to:
PipersMom – New snowfall in the Rockies
Carolina – New Graffiti – old bridge
DavidC – Fisheye Helix regeneration area in Newcastle (see the news link below too)
RichardG – A lovely hazy new place to walk
AH14 – another new place to walk – be sure to view the beach huts in the extra

Honourable Mentions:
RMeinz – he is indeed a very naughty boy
                   but with a splendid old bike    

Hanulli – making great use of the wide angle lens distortion of perspective
Missycat – silhouettes at dawn
OSuzannah – an architectural interior – be sure to look in large
Terrifo – River Taw new tide on a winter morning

Special mentions for innovation (which is welcome in Wide Wednesday)
Bella888 – a collage of beach scenes which we’ve not had previously in Wide Wednesday
TimB2503 – another uncommon viewpoint for Wide Wednesday

DavidC's blip had me thinking of how we get more young people, particularly girls, interested in STEM subjects at school.  I then came across this news article which probably illustrates the problem - at least in the English education system.  Over 30+ years in technology I worked with a number of women engineers and found them to be just as good as the men .... and frequently more open to new ideas.

Rant over!

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