An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The Thursday Thistle...

I have been like a half shut knife today and I suspect it's because I was still reading my Peter May book (Entry Island incase you're nosey interested ;-)) at 3.00am, despite knowing I had to get up at 7.00am.

But get up I did, meaning of course the reason for my early rise (a visit from J the Home Sounds guy - technical term for man who sorts out all our sound and vision needs in the house) didn't arrive till 9.30am.  To be fair, he had told David it might be 9.30am, just D didn't pass that info on to me.  

We now have the TV back on the wall in our bedroom and wifi reinstated upstairs.  He also briefly discussed the updates required to the Sonas system and other Smart Home technology we use (mainly in support of Alan) and it all sounds rather expensive complicated.  We rely on it though so it's something we are going to have to look seriously at.  It's amazing how far technology has advanced since we installed it in 2012.  I will let D do the leg work and report back to me ;-))

After the deep emotion that went into yesterdays art creation, today it was time for something frivolous and the end result is what I have been referring to all day as my Thursday Thistle...completely oblivious to the fact it's only Wednesday until I flourished it under David's nose demanding his praise and approval asked David if he liked it and he said yes, but why have you named it Thursday Thistle?  Well, coz it's Thursday daftie, I replied sarcastically helpfully pointed out. it's not.  Oops!  I've lost a day somewhere.  Very careless of me.  But that small detail aside, it will forever be known as my Thursday Thistle.  Face on version in Extras.  It makes me smile and has given me an idea for a series of pieces.

In other news, I also spent a chunk of time looking for my specs.  Have you seen them?  *rolls eyes*

Happy Hump Day Peeps...we're cruising towards the weekend now :-))

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