A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


This is a brackish pond alongside the main path around the St Ives Estate, where we did our ‘not quite so early’ walk this morning with a full compliment of ladies and dogs at 7.45 am.
The greenery is growing the rest are reflections and I felt it had quite an abstract feel if not exactly mysterious, though it does look like the sort of pool where something might emerge from the deep!
At this point it was fairly dry with just a bit of drizzle, getting damper as we walked, testified by the rainbow seen over the Aire Valley when we arrived at the top of the estate so we stayed within the sheltered woodland.
The five cygnets were on their own at the feeding station on Coppice Pond, no sign of mum and dad though I think I caught a glimpse of white behind the island. Looks like the youngsters have been ostracised and thoughts have turned to the spring and a new family for the swan and pen.
Increasing rain as we walked home but the worst came about 10 minutes after I got in! Fine and blowy now (what else)

First night of the Panto tonight, all but two of our walkers will be there in some capacity, it’s where good walking companions come from!

Oops raining again!

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