A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Deer Friday

on the deer walk.
Often when I do the ‘deer’ walk we don’t see any but today we were quite lucky. The odd sighting in the woods (signs of the bluebells coming up) as white rumps disappeared but when we come down to the lane this group was quite clear to see. 
I thought they would hop over the wall when we got closer but they seemed unsure what to do. Other deer were sitting under the trees over the wall but we wondered if these were young ones  unable to make the leap. I’m sure they would get there eventually but it gave us a little longer to see them.
There was a steady rain for,the early part of the walk but nothing like it is coming down now. As we reached the river (Aire) the sun broke through and we completed the walk in the dry.
Lots of water about birth in the land and in the river! When will it end?
Have a dry weekend folks.

(Opening night went well, thanks for your good wishes. Just 7 more to go!)

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