By dreaming

A visitor

I was bemoaning the fact that I would have no appropriate blip for flower Friday, when Tookie arrived bearing tulips. It was the first nice part of a really lovely visit. We hadn't met before but Tookey lives just across the lake in Bellevue and we have become friendly on blip. We talked about blip and a world of other things; we have a lot in common. And we did a lot of laughing. I I'm so glad she came! She also brought the lovely card and huggable animal to keep me company.

Lex came as well and the three of us enjoyed some time together. I spoke to Manda last night and she will be coming to visit tomorrow afternoon. Gina and Terry are planning to come by on Sunday. So there's more enjoyment in store.

Today I walked 300 feet without the knee brace, just the Walker. That felt really good. I also had a wheelchair lesson from Shannon, the occupational therapist, and when Lex was here we took a wheelchair drive to check out the rest of the facility. There is a computer on the second floor! And it's so much cooler up there than it is here in my room which gets very muggy.

So on the whole a great day - I even got a good lunch. Now if I could just use that left leg... I hope that all of you had equally nice days.

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