Hellebore for Flower Friday

Decided to stay indoors and get on with few household chores.  As usual I didn't get as much done as I had hoped.

My sister in law Virginia arrived at 7pm to take me to her house.  My brother John was there as well as my niece Rachael, her boyfriend and his 7 year old daughter - and their dog Buzz.  We all had a lovely catch up and some tasty food. 

Later on my nephew Gary arrived home after work.  His birthday is next week so I gave him his birthday card.  Its going to be a big week next week for Gary.  Not only does he reach the ripe old age of 40 but his partner is due to give birth next week too.  Its going to be a boy.  Gary already has 3 children - 2 girls and a boy.  Hopefully number 4 will arrive without any complications.   

I got home around 12.30am.  The weather has been wild this evening.  Lashing down with rain and a very strong wind. Roads were very quiet when my brother drove me home.

I took my blip shot this morning - this hellebore is in my back garden.  Thanks to  BikerBear for hosting Flower Friday.

I can reveal that yesterdays not very mysterious blip was a jar of green olives.  Most of you guessed correctly - well done..

Musical link FRIDAY On My Mind - by The Easybeats

Steps today - 5,092

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