Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


This broken mess used to be a very lovely stone bird bath.  Ive had it for years and always left it outside throughout the winter months and it never came to any harm.  However just recently I noticed that it was starting to crumble into pieces.  The strange " blob " on the side used to be a beautifully carved bird. After taking my photo I gathered up all the bits and put them in the dustbin.  I have another bird bath - a plastic one - so I will just stick with that. I have tagged my blip for the Derelict Challenge hosted by Marlieske

Musical link ALL THE BROKEN PIECES - by The Deadly Gentlemen

Ive had a quiet day at home doing nothing much.  Made salmon pasta for my tea. The weekly challenge for my Slimming World Group is to make some pasta dishes this week,  I looked online for recipe ideas and found a few.  I mixed a few recipes up to get my final dish.  It was very tasty.

7pm was the kick off time for the football.  Manchester United V Newcastle.  I listened on the radio.  Positive number 1... for around an hour Newcastle played well . Positive number 2 .... Newcastle scored a goal.  Negatives... Newcastle lost the Match 3 - 1 and they are now 4th bottom of the Premiership. There are 13 matches still to play so there's still hope but its going to be a nail biting finish to the season unless Newcastle can start winning games.

Not much TV viewing today - so far just an episode of Top Of The Pops from 1990 and The Great Pottery Showdown.  Have recorded Dancing On Ice and the new series on BBC 1 called Bloodlands starring James Nesbitt.  Looking forward to that.

Steps today - 2,847

CORONA CLASSIC - Farewell byTalisk

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